Bitcoin Cloud Wallet

The Bitcoin Cloud Wallet: is a replica of the legacy BTC wallet aside from some minor changes including the ability to mine from the wallet with CPU. 


  • Download Bitcoin Cloud Wallet

    Select the corresponding operating system and download the wallet file.

  • Install Wallet

    Open the downloaded file, follow the prompts to install Bitcoin Cloud on your operating system. Ensure you save the blockchain in an appropriate position. 185GB of space.

  • Open Wallet, Let it Synchronise

    Open the wallet, you should start to see it sync. It will take some time and will be connected to legacy BTC peers up until the fork block: 510048

  • Create bitcoincloud.conf

    At the fork block: 510048. The Bitcoin Cloud Wallet will disconnect from legacy BTC peers and will search for peers on the BCL blockchain. You will have to create bitcoincloud.conf, and add in the peers manually in this moment.

Create  a bitcoincloud.conf file in your Bitcoin Cloud Folder and add the following peers.     








  • Full Sync, Lets mine.

    Once you have fully synced, you will see a tick in the botton right hand corner and be connected to BCL peers.

  • Bitcoin Clouding

    You are now ready to interact, store and use Bitcoin Cloud freely from our Bitcoin Cloud Wallet.

To mine from wallet. Debug window/console.   Type “setgenerate true -1” 

This will instruct the wallet to mine BCL on all available CPU cores.  

It should return “Null”.   Type “getgenerate”.   A return of True would indicate the wallet is mining. 

setgenerate false will Stop the mining. 

// To help strengthen the network and allow inbound connections, please open port 6703

// Currently, “Bitcoin Cloud” mirrors the legacy BTC implementation for a full node thus, you may find this link useful —>[

If you require assistance, please join our Telegram group and we will get you up and running. 

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