Most frequent questions and answers

Bitcoin Cloud is represented by the ticker symbol “BCL”.

Bitcoin Cloud originated and is maintained by a small group of Entrepreneurs with a shared vision.

Bitcoin Cloud is building a 2nd layer scaling solution similar in nature to the Lightning network coupled with Advanced user options. Operating under no central authority, our 2nd layer will not be imbedded with a rigid business model and will cater for the needs of everyday users, ease of use for merchants and will not be based upon IOU’s.  We believe the path forward for mass adoption of Crypto Currency is providing an “Easy use platform” for real world and automated service providers to accept payments.   We also believe for Crypto Currency to be widely accepted and used, it must become much less complicated, whereby metaphorically, a monkey could use it. We are working towards this Vision.

NO.  Note, However:  The coinable transaction has an additional requirement of including the fork hash (32 bytes).  In return, the maximum coinbase script sig size has been raised from 100 to 132 bytes.

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