Bitcoin Cloud is an Experimental, Peer to Peer Digital Currency that enables instant payments cross border with no central authority.

Bitcoin Cloud is establishing a direction to fit within the present blockchain future upon us.

To be continued shortly…

Shaping the future

Bitcoin Cloud will develop a 2nd layer scaling solution that will not favour cashed up, intermediary nodes.   No Central Authority | A Unit of exchange | Peer to Peer

Store of Value

A Store of Value Set upon a proven payment system with an Advanced outlook.  We will evolve at any measure to counteract Centralization.


Relay Protection: Earths most robust blockchain model: We are Decentralized, not a privatised blockchain:


On chain Transactions. We will take back Control and provide a Decentralized visionary 2nd layer. Increased user control. Greater Transparency. No IOU’s.

Our Approach

Peer to Peer
Store of Value
Unit of Exchange
Real World Use

This is just the begining

Together we strive for a better world.  Change is growth.


We are building upon Bitcoin Cloud to tackle issues directly related to the Health and Wealth of the individual and the collective, whilst also providing a proven model for a store of value and unit of exchange. 


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